Something Smokey

Well, soon this dungary wearing, shovel toting bear will be 67.
I thought he was older.
Anyways, look like his terminology has changed a bit from forest fires to wildfires. The change probably recognizes all those wildfires of not which have been in the news this past decade. CNN did not give much if any press time to any forest fires I am aware. Although the 2 overlap and may as well just be considered the same thing.
It also looks like they a putting the blame for these conflagerations squarely on humankind. Looks like the excuse that the fireflies started it won't go over well.
Well in honor the fire prevention bear you can read Smokey's story in this PDF file - 

It seems to me there is another fire prevention mascot. A dalmation in a rain coat or something. I remember this character from the State Fair parade. The dog and Smokey would have separate floats. The dalmation rode on some kind of fire truck. Did a little research on the internets and I find his name is Sparky. He has a website for kids-
I am surprised to see that Sparky is 60 years old this year- not sure if that is dog years or people years.
You can read his whimsical story here- 
Plus he has a pretty active Facebook page. He also branched out into general safety rather than just the kind related to fire.
Smokey and Sparky teamed up in the 1990s to do some fire safety spots.


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