Winter drops

Winter had been dropping upon us like a a load of bricks since Thanksgiving. But now it is officially the winter.
The snow lay on the ground, thick and cold. This the most snow I can recall on the ground before the calendar said winter began.
And this winter attack on fall has kept me off the bike for more days than I recall from previous years.
I got my winter bike ready the day before the major snow arrived but did not think the studded tire would be necessary. Oh it was necessary. I was slip slipping around the snow swamped intersections and side streets.
Winter biking is a little crazy. The streets get less room and the sidewalks are dicey or inconsistently cleared. Plus it tough to gauge how many layers to put on since the physical exertion creates heat and sweat.
I went running outside a few nights ago. It was a rather good evening to do it. The temperatures was high enough and the sidewalks were mostly clear. I brought my camera with and captured some lights in the neighborhood. Nothing too elaborate around my neighborhood. Apparently the "suburbs" are where to find the big displays. I have yet to see one.


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