Make your sauna

Where I work we get packages from around the world and occasionally they are packed with newspapers from these places.
Just the other day I had a box with a Russian language news tabloid that had the story of Michael Jackson's death a few years ago.
But here we have an advertisement from a Finnish DIY store- Starkki (something of a cross between Home Depot and Menard's.)
But instead of loads of other krep which you would see in Home Depot ad, this one focuses on the most important one to Finns- the sauna. And it is important to note how it is pronounced- 'sow- nah.' This differentiates it from the 'saw-na', which is usually a dry heat contraption masquerading as the Finnish sauna.
I have heard it said that sometimes Finns have built their sauna before even having a home. In fact some have even lived in their sauna (without the steam of course.) This may be hyperbole.
Starkki has all a Finn would need to build or improve their sauna- doors, benches, cedar, the rocks to be heated. My MFG -mostly Finnish girlfriend- has seen some elaborate saunas when she visited Suomi (aka Finland.) For the less well to do Finns, they can shell out 39 Euros for an infrared heating element. Sounds a bit blasphemous since your can't pour water over it and get steam. The lady in the ad doesn't mind. She can't believe the price.
Hopefully this weekend I will enjoy a real sauna and perhaps take some pictures to share with my Finnish readers. I do have Finnish readers, right?


I can't believe that many people who enjoy a true traditional Scandinavian style sauna would enjoy an infrared sauna. I've even heard them compared to sitting in front of a space heater. Nothing an infrared sauna can offer will be able to compare to a traditional sauna. Just a head's up for anyone who might be thinking about purchasing one! :) Great post btw.

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