(un)Happy New Year

It is New Year's Eve and I am at home, forced to sit out the normal festivities by 2 blizzards. And these are really blizzards, not just some snow flakes and a little wind. The 2 interstates were shut. The roads were horrible. The weather was and continues to be dreadful. There have been wind chill temperatures of -49 Fahrenheit in places. Funny how it was nearly 30 a few days ago.
The first storm arrived on Wednesday. I got stuck at work because there was no way to pass through the drifts on the sidewalks or streets with the ice bike.
I went out between storms today. Most places were closed. I needed to get the food for a New Year's Day evening meal. Indeed it was a difficult jaunt.
Well, I got home, I ripped my down vest, realized my camera was broken, then discovered the New Year's Eve party was postponed until the next day- the day I would be inviting many of the same people over for a dinner. So far 2011 is looking to be a real challenge and it hasn't even started yet.
Looking back, there were plenty of challenges for me in 2010- leading a canoe trip, a bike trip mostly into the wind, putting on the Christmas show, taking on new responsibilities at work, and I won't even delve into the challenges you encounter in relationships.
Well I hope your new year doesn't get drowned by difficulties and disappointments. Slan.


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