22 December 2010

It was 20 years ago today

That the first birthday assemblage ever was held. Maybe not the only one but the one that coincides with my particular DOB.
I came up with the assemblage because I did not like the word party. Yeah, that's right, a word snob. So I held this gathering, er assemblage, at Lehigh on my birthday or at least on the day nearest my birthday that was not a school night. The assemblage included games, including bingo, drawings, prizes, something dramatic, and food. I hardly recall much about them besides they were well attended. I printed tickets as invitations, so people felt obligated I assume. 
Here's a few pictures, but I don't think these are from the first one.  The Emmy winner Kevin Myers appears in most of these.
 Above I believe we are playing one of the many games which involved creativity and prizes.
 Here we are reading one of the many scripts I wrote for the assemblage. I think it was some sort of a musical comedy. I incinerated years ago.

 The birthday cake which my mom  baked and decorated. Sort of a Simpsonized version of myself.

A finally some guests enjoy the food. Well, at least some of them. One of the gals is my former GF.

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Cindy said...

Wow. That cake is really something. Your mom had incredible talent!