Signs of Beer Extra: The end of Gluek's

The end of summer may be the last time you will put away a case of Gluek's for hunting season. The regional label will no longer be produced by the Cold Spring Brewing Company down there in Cold Spring, MN (which is near Ricori, right?) The demand for craft beers was cited as reason for extinguishing Gluek's.
Gluek's had been around for quite a while. Its namesake, Gottlieb Gluek, starting brewing in Minneapolis around the time of Minnesota statehood according to this history page. The Minneapolis brewery ended up being bought and then demolished by the Heileman beer giant. Gluek's brand was eventually acquired by Cold Spring Brewing in 1997.
I have not experience with this beer. I have seen it in cans around town but didn't really give it much attention altough it was a regional brew. The only thing I have drank that Gluek's/Cold Spring Brewing had a hand in was Dorothy Molter Root Beer. I drink a lot of the stuff when I visit Ely, MN.
Hey, Lileks has a tribute to Gluek's.
And here's a news story from St. Cloud about it.


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