Bison down Jackrabbits easily

Brett Winkelman of the NDSU Bision
It's been a hectic month but I made time to attend the NDSU men's basketball game against SDSU. In fact I brought my entire homegroup to the game. The Captain was supposed to have come but he got caught up in something else. We, my homegroup and I got there late and as it would have it, our seats were occupied by older people (we were late because we were just finishing a delicious meal at James'). I didn't want to make the confrontation (guess the joke is on me if you read that previous post) and so we stood along the balcony and then I got near courtside on the Northside. It was a full house at the Bison Sports Arena. Perhaps the largest crowd on hand to a game I've attended. NDSU did not disappoint with Ben Woodside and Brett Winkelman scoring in bulk. In fact Brett worked himself up to #2 highest all time scorer in NDSU history this evening. The #1 top scorer is Woodside. Along with Luke Moorman, Mike Nelson, and Lorenzo Riley, this was the Bison's final home game of the season and a night for farewells. As I may have mentioned in other Bison Basketball posts in the last few years, I know Brett's parents from my time spent in Mo-Town. Segue was at the game for the same reason I was, to see off this fine group of men. But certainly to show Brett his support. Quite a few Morris people were at the game. The roar of the crowd for Brett was pretty strong. He takes in stride and seems a bit embarassed by his long list of accomplishments. You can do a lot in 5 years. I paid my respects to the parents of Brett at the end of the game and even ran into a parent of Children 18:3 I also scored some popcorn that seemed to be old.
After the games each senior player received a run down of achievements over the PA. Brett Winkelman, had accolades a mile long from both on and off the court. Coach Phillips even said Brett was no only one of the smartest players but persons he knew. Here's a bit about Brett from the past. All five of the seniors got heartfelt eulogies from coach Phillips. It was a great moment. These fellows helped transition the program from division II to I without missing aNelson, Moorman, and Winkelman watching the free throw beat. I think they not only played well together but they also had synergy that goes beyond the court. The enjoyed playing together. Seque almost introduced me to Ben Woodside but then Woodside got distracted by other photo ops. It didn't bother me. Brett's mom snapped a picture of Segue and I with Brett.
The last three regular season games are on the road with one important game with Oral Roberts before the Summit League tourney. There is a possibility that the Bison could make it into March Madness.


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