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The Royce Files has been around since December 2003. I posted a lot that first month.
Reviewed last years posts. Smallest output ever. A miserly 23 posts! Only one less than 2014.
My aim this year is to exceed that output.
Most visitors come across the posts on The Royce Files because the Fargo Marathon or my occasional posts on model trains and Lionel. That is the bulk of the blog these days although I have blogged soccer, online advertisements, beer, holidays, my travels and a little spiritual content.

As far as I know, I am the only blogger covering the Fargo Marathon in a non-conventional way since its beginning. No media pass for me. I rarely if ever cover the winners. I kind of think I cover those who come after them. Like the guy who runs without a shirt in 40 degree temperatures,
Brave runner

Alas, the top post last year was from the marathon.
Truth, Justice, and the American Way
Nothing came close to beating the reads of that post except another marathon post about the weather.
Fargo Marathon 2016 will be later this year- May 19-21. And despite the later date and potential for more pleasant weather, start and finish will be indoors again. Why fix something that is not broken? I wonder if there will ever be a winter race in Fargo that starts and ends outdoors but is run inside the Fargo Dome.
Our previous marathon viewing position has been lost due to a friend's relocation out of Fargo. Now I am without a home base. I will need to review the route to see if there is someplace else to pitch our tent and watch.  
Next topic..
I have not met many model railroaders of my generation much less those who do 3 rail O-scale. I encounter mostly older men my father's age involved in the hobby. It is due for an infusion of youth and modernization. I think smart device apps for train control have begun to appear. But still the cost to get a layout compatible for this type of setup is still a lot of change. I wonder if there is a movement out there to be more clever with conventional control and the loads of seemingly obsolete model train stuff. I find command control pretty amazing but it has a high entry level with equipment required.  
I digress. I have been back at building my conventional 3-rail O gauge layout. Over the festive break my father helped me get the mainline loop up and running after it had been dormant for over a year. I needed to expand the bench work a wee bit to accommodate O-42 curves.
New curve with K-line 42" turn out
I utilize 0-27 profile track, which is O-Gauge but a little shorter in height. The O-27 track was the entry level track system for Lionel through the post war period up until early 2000s. It is relatively economical to acquire a lot. The early drawback to 0-27: curved track was only manufactured at a 27" radius as opposed to standard O which was 31". The smaller radius limited what could effectively be run on the track. Some of the larger engines and cars could not navigate that sharp a curve. There were workarounds like using small sections of straight track to square off turns. However, in the modern era (ie. after 1970) wider radius curves in 0-27 ended up getting manufactured. I am unsure when it started- K-Line might have originated it.  
Now I am good to go for expansion. 

new depot and water tower for a siding
The highest viewed train related post last year was the Train Day 2015 post that was sandwiched with the marathon weekend coverage.
Train Day 2015 post
I just acquired a copy of the Great Northern calendar pictured in that post.


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