A new symbol of Christmas

It not being Christmas at the writing of this entry-- let's write about Christmas!
It seems every few years or so a new thing gets flung into the pantheon of Christmas.  A few years ago it was penguins. Nothing to do with the festive period except that for some that period happens during the beginning of the cold blustery period. Cute but hardly relate-able to the larger Christmas themes of peace, goodwill toward man, and Jesus. Penguins just happened to drop on the popular culture scene in a few movies and decided to settle in at the Christmas Inn next door to the reindeer, elves, Santa, gingerbread men, wise men, stars, poinsettias, and pickles. And yes, the pickle has official status as a Christmas symbol. Not sure why pickled herring is not.
But lest you think I will gripe about this proverbial overcrowded Inn of Christmas, I will not.
Instead I will introduce another symbol of Christmas that made its entrance this season.

The robot discovered
 While strolling through the neighborhood I came across it- the Christmas Robot.

It seemed friendly enough. In fact rather inhumanly festive. I doubt anyone is capable of cranking there Christmas spirit meter up to the max.
But does not this robot look like Bender from Futurama.Well just a little. This unit is a little less hardened to the life of a space traveling robot.


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