Fargo Marathon 2015: Truth, Justice, and the American Way

It is a cold run man
The biggest story from the marathon probably has been- it was cold. The second and lesser known story I will discuss in a later post. A third does exist but it is more romantic. And that being said there were not too many interesting shots  to get since most people were bundled up good. The only thing I did not see was someone running in a ski mask, but I suppose that I might have missed that one.
The marathon was fortunate to be run during the best weather of the weekend. As the weekend progressed the temperatures and precipitation made for a much cooler Fargo than previous years. But having the race this early in May is hit or miss with the weather. 2 of last years top finishers did not even run despite being registered. I would not say the conditions were adverse. They were good but certainly not ideal. The biggest challenge for running in Fargo is wind.  Nonetheless 20,000 is certainly a good draw for a race in cooler weather. Starting indoors certainly helped.
Costumes were a rarity this year. There were a few tutus. And there were a few costumes I did not recognize as a costume. Would have been a great year for costumes. So I will serve up what I captured.

Super Girl gave a super smile and wave to the camera and then sped off to keep warm in order to finish the half marathon.

Super Girl give us a wave
Yet again Superman showed that he is still the man of steel by running the marathon. Superman's outfit looks pretty good for mile 21. I always wonder what kind of reception he gets at the finish line. Does he just fly off?

Superman Returns
 Finally no marathon would be complete without the American flag bearer. No really a costume but goes with the Superman theme since his motto is truth, justice, and the American way. I wonder if that is still his motto?

The Ameican Way


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