The cheers are heard

A Lion greets runners at the Lions Club Aid Station

I am not "lion" when I say Fargo is a friendly race. The city really gets behind this event. And it is evidenced in our spectators. Bells and bands, signs and shouts- we are out there throwing out our support. And it is also good to know that the runners appreciate it. I saw runners go by and give high fives to the kids. I was thanked no less than 5 times today and I was just on the side of the road ringing a cow bell. So great job Fargo!
Below is one of those Kodak moment events of spectator/runner interaction on the course.
Kids Cheer

appreciation is given
So if you are looking for inspiration for next year just look at the above example- make a few signs, cheer, applaud. And in turn get high fives all around.


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