Fargo Marathon 2014 Costume Rundown

A considerable amount of costumes- besides the super hero themed ones- appeared in this year's Fargo Marathon. A running Elvis did not make an appearance this year. I did see 2 guys running in button up short sleeve shirts. I do not think those were costumes. Just an unusual choice of attire for a marathon. Still, there were plenty of tutus worn too. Some costume like attire was also worn by spectators. I did not document that. What I have here is a smattering of costumed runners.
What is worse? Being a birdman or being chased by a birdman? Oh and there were 4 birdmen.

This guys is really a glutton for pain. Kind of reminds me of that Beatles' tune "Carry That Weight:

The Cat in the small hat and the running dude. I saw the Cat downtown and she had a child in tow dresses as Thing 2. I never saw the dude again.

I do not know what to make of this outfit but I want to start singing "This Girl is on Fire"

A running luchador. 2 ladies and 2 guys made up this relay team. I saw the entire team downtown. Tough hombres. 

Fantastic way to spend a day with your twin mullet- run a marathon. 

A nerd
This lass had a great get-up. Almost like it was someone from "Big Bang Theory"


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