There's still a flood

 The Red River had crested in Fargo at somewhere around 39 feet a week and half ago. The levees and dikes held back the angry waters of the Red for yet another year. However, there was at least one causality. A man sandbagging his home died of a heart attack. It wasn't in town. Someplace north of town. Oakport to be exact.
That same weekend my room-mate and I were driving north out of town on I-29. We were heading to Grand Forks. However we were slightly impeded when the road just north of town became a flood-way. Nearly 6 inches of water covered I-29 north of Fargo to a little bit past Argusville. It was a scary drive. We could not see pavement for miles and miles. Plus it was raining and it appeared a current was pushing the water over the road. It took almost an hour to traverse 6 miles of flooded interstate. It was scary. I didn't have any ID with me nor my camera. I just prayed. We made it to Grand Forks. The road eventually closed a few hours after. The above picture was taken by a friend (and former roommate) as he made his way up to Grand Forks on I-29. Makes me think of a Johnny Cash tune which I have referenced on here before- Five Feet High and Rising.

Now flood concerns are actually looking westward as the Sheyenne River nears record levels. Valley City once again has had to close its bridges and sandbag itself. Other towns along the Sheyenne may surpass record levels.
Here's some footage from I-29 overland flooding



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