Make mine an ugly online ad, please

These images just keep coming although they've leveled off recently or being re-run into oblivion. But I'll  keep you abreast on new developments in the use of ugly, weird, and off the wall. Anything to get a click through.

Here we have a somewhat reformed caveman. Not sure why they teased his hair into a fro. Certainly a weird one and one done for a more notable customer- Trans Union. Still there the bank you'll likely find in your local mall next to the restrooms. The one that sounds so - unbanklike. In fact it sort of sound like a new gender free word for a marriage- "Hi, we're getting Transunioned."

Next, this one is keeping bald guys who look like Chris Elliot in employment.
I guess this is as normal as it gets with these ads if its not a female being employed for eye candy. Perhaps this guy is the weird teeth safety glasses guy. Anyways don't want to get your identity stolen by him. He's got a bit of creepy. Must be the beard.
Finally, we got a reunion of sorts- well all except 3 we have seen before. The youngsters in this photo certainly don't tip the ugly scale. They just got the pleasure of being placed with the uglies ( ok, 46-55 is actually kinda cute and 56-65 has something going for him- perhaps a new commercial for viagra).
This ad just throws it all at you. Like one last barrage at the final charge.
Bonus. A quad-fecta.
This ad online actually has the guys shaking their heads up and down. It is annoying. And the one trick ploy is being used for auto insurance too? At least it is not the one old weird trick. I swear some kind of magic potion is involved with those ads with that copy.
Be wary of old tricks. Old weird dogs can't learn any new tricks.


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