Signs of Beer: Bike Trip Edition

I was surprised to find this on my bike trip last summer. This actually was the men's bathroom mirror at the Hawk Museum campground. That spread of cold cuts and fixins certainly looked delicious after a hard day of pedaling and slogging through the rain.
Canadian Ace was produced by the Manhattan Brewing Company of Chicago. So its not really Canadian beer. So I doubt Cal Clutterbuck or Sidney Crosby will be drinking it. There was also a lawsuit contending the misuse of name Canadian but I am not sure of the outcome.
As it so happens Manhattan Brewering had connections to organized crime, specifically associates of Al Capone. Trying to shake their mobster owned image, Manhattan became Canadian Ace Brewing Company in 1947 (although elsewhere I found the name changed in 1933.) They closed in 1968.
I am unsure of the date of the mirror, but I guess it was somewhere between the 1940s and the 1960s. I have yet to find one of these online to compare. Most Canadian Ace collectibles are cans or labels.


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