Still more ugly online ads

It's been a while. I've had a short vacation and pretty much neglected the blog for over a week. I didn't even use the Internets over the vacation at all. Too busy golfing or watching Dragnet.
Time to take a look at some more ugly online adverts that have been popping up on your screens- or spewing forth like a dreaded slimy goo.
Our first today is trying to get people to go back to school. This time it does not invoke the Presidential influence. In fact I am not sure whether this could be a mixed up ad for The image they use is rather dated. I'd say its late-70s to mid-80s based on the hair and the possiblity that she is wearing a corduory jumpsuit. Actually the image is a little ambiguious since I am not sure those are straps on the shoulder or suspenders. Indeed if it is suspenders then we've got a great mullet going here.
Does this make you want to go back to school? It certainly reminds me of school. So it must be targeting my peer group. The image sort of looks like she was a classmate of mine. They must of have done target group research on this.

Not sure if I've covered this one before. But it is a crazy and possibly naked fellow. Reminds me a little bit of Arlo Guthrie, the notable singer of Alice's Restaurant. However, this fellow has darker locks. The ad also invokes the power of Obama to persuade us to refinance our mortgages.

Amy may be a sweetie in real life but etched onto a candy coated chocolate she appears creepy. It is if that smile in not a smile of gleefully young woman but of a maniacal psychopath. Or it might be because her boyfriend crossed the line by revealing her age by handing these candies out at her workplace.
My MFG's birthday is in a few days. Should I get her M&Ms with her image on them?
Maybe not.


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