Mister Glasses scores but 3rd place more entertaining

With the FIFA World Cup over we can all now go back to work.
And I can bemoan fairly poor finale that pitted Spain against Netherlands. Although superb at times during the tournament, the Dutch decided to hack it out with Spain which culminated with 12 yellow cards, a sending off, and a Spanish victory. It appeared that Mr. Glasses may have scored for the Spanish. I never knew he played, but he cropped up and scored the winning goal.
Not one to play favorites, he also played for the Dutch as well that evening. The evidence is below.
Thank you Mister Glasses. I never knew what you could do.
You may ask, just who is this Mister Glasses fellow? Good question. First he is an architect. But I'll let his video explain it.

The 3rd place match between Germany and Uruguay was highly entertaining. In retrospect neither of these teams had the pressure and so played a freer game with plenty of goals. Though Germany were the victors, Uruguay's Diego Forlan nearly brought his team back into contention only for the crossbar to deny his free kick in the closing seconds of the game. For the tournament Forlan equaled Germany's Thomas Mueller with 5 goals but did not receive the Golden Boot for most goals due to the unual tie breaking system. Mueller returns home with a gold shoe and 3rd place medal.


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