The search for ancestors

I've been digging up family history in recent weeks. I guess it is sort of the latest fad because there's a prime time show on NBC about it- "Who do you think you are?" Of course they make it interesting by searching the roots of celebrities like Spike Lee and Lisa Kudrow. I wish they did Gary Coleman or  Allan George See (aka Gavin Macleod ).  But searching for old dead relatives is pretty boring unless you like sifting through lots of data- especially census data. And I guess I do because I still do it.

While, looking at old pictures on Shorpy I found a photo of a character that had a strong resemblance to Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard. Could it be a distant relative? Could both these guys be enforcers in their respective jobs? Well, the guy on the right is in the U.S. Navy and so possibly an American. Derek is from Saskatchewan. I wouldn't want to be in fisticuffs with either.


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