It's over- for now

For now the hard flood work is over. Some residents are even removing dikes. A year ago, I could not have said that. Fargo was watching over the largest historic crest and digging out of a spring snowstorm. It was surreal sitting out a flood and a snowstorm last year
This year preparation and planning paid off. Sandbagging ceased before I even had a chance to volunteer. The only real work I did was pray.
I believe I wrote in an earlier post that the 2010 crest was almost a non-event although it happened to be the 7th highest. The weather was pleasant, people were flocking to the Main Ave bridge, you might have well packed a picnic and welcomed the crest to town.
Across the river, Moorhead was better prepared than last year. One of our correspondents, Phil, who lives on the river didn't have to call in privateers to dike his home this year. The city dropped off sandbags and a busload of volunteers and got it done. I'm sure Phil celebrated with a brew. 
I'm sure it wasn't quite as good elsewhere, but I have heard no reports of major proportions. Overland flooding did occur in places which I will now share with you.
I took these photos heading west towards Jamestown. The overland flooding seemed to cease just before Valley City.  Overland flooding is fairly common in these parts due to the extreme flatness of the terrain. When the snow pack melts quickly this type of flooding will result. Valley City and Jamestown were both spared major flooding this season. Instead Jamestown suffered herds of drunken people wandering downtown.


Joanne Amos said…
Sounds like everyone believed in team work. Very nice!

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