Back in 'Sota

Blogging from Minnesota this weekend. I am attending the annual Truebridge Conference where a volcano has prevented the main speaker from coming. Ben Goodman is speaking in his stead which I sort of predicted on the weekend. Still good. The father of Brett Winkelman is also in attendance. This year's theme- Building healthy and effective churches through the power of God.
Onto other things, like fishing for more Finnish readers. So I had my mostly Finnish girlfriend (MFG) over to Lehigh a few weeks ago. Not that is interesting but I did show her the "fake" sauna. It is an electric one which kind of resembles a one hole ice house. Not authentic but it works. I miss the cedar smell. You can see the picture above. 

I am with my MFG this weekend as well. Albeit not in the same lodgings. We went to Como Park on Friday afternoon and I am glad to see that they still have somethings I remember from my childhood, such as this:
It looks a little like a jukebox or a strange video game. It is a wax figurine maker. Place in $2 and get a wax cast of a gorilla or lion or some other mammal. I remember getting one years ago at Como. I think it melted one day or my mom made it into a candle.
I was surprised that Como seemed a little small. Or maybe its more crammed together. The Minnesota Zoo is vast compared to Como. But Como has a charm- well it is also is a free park so maybe that's most of the charm. I guess it has history to it. None more so than the conservatory. But that's for another entry. We'll be there on Saturday for a wedding. Now I leave you a photo of a primate. Sorry Finns, didn't get a picture of the reindeer.


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