On the first of March, on the holiday

1st of March a holiday? I must be crazy. How can that be? I think I'll try to make you see. A kind of memory of a former day. Of Washington and red coats and that road they call the Pulaski Expressway.

In the recent past, it was decided to recognize Revolutionary War hero Casimir Pulaski with a special holiday. It seems only Illinois and parts of Wisconsin observe the 1st Monday in March. Other places seem to enjoy remembering his death in October but mostly east of the Mississippi. There are plenty of other things that have been named to honor the Polish born Pulaski. One of course is the Pulaski Expressway in Chicago. Then are lots of cities and counties named after him. The forest fire management tool called the Pulaski is not named after him. Polish-Americans derive great pride from his exploits with George Washington and the colonial army. I believe he may have saved George's life once. He also had a nice mustache.

On to other things: how about the hugging record? It's been broken. I'm thinking that this one can be re-broken at future date. Possibly in India. Unless it is culturally unacceptable to hug there.

How would like to hear what your website or in fact any other website sounds like? It's true and the results are a bit odd yet danceable. Give it a try.

Then there's the matter of this:
Old man models are cashing in this quarter. Here is yet another I found. This fellow is sort of scowling so perchance he didn't quite a good deal on his mortgage. His last modeling job was in 1937.

 It is also interesting to note some of my friends of getting into the modeling for online ads business. Thankfully they didn't make an ugly online ad. Not sure what the qualifications are for being an online ad model.  Here's a capture from an online classes ad.:
Look familar? I thought so too. Here's a more candid shot of her.
She probably made quite a bundle doing those ads. She probably needed to make payments on something because usually she doesn't like to be photographed.
That's all for now. Hope you enjoyed the Olympics and now we are about to enter March Madness.


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