Here we are again

In a little over 24 hours the Red River of the North will reach major flood stage in the 'Go. That is about 30 feet above its normal elevation. Forecasts thus far predict a crest on the weekend at just above 38 feet. This of course could change, like we saw last year.
Thus far, both cities straddling the river have been amassing sand bags since 2 weeks ago. Salvation Army disaster relief units are in town parked not far from my home. Then this previous Sunday Bethel Evangelical Free Church hosted a pre-flood prayer meeting. Bridges have closed.
Now the call for volunteers has gotten louder. Most colleges in the area are on spring break. The sand bag convoys have begun to run down the major thoroughfares.
It seems normal now albeit a bit warmer than the previous fight.
So we are on the brink waiting to hear whether it will get worse.
Fargo flood information site.


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