Flood Forecast on the high

The Red River finally crested at 36.99 on Sunday afternoon. With the temperature rather warm (about 50 F), quite a few Fargoans greeted the crest in downtown. It was nearly a no event even though this crest ranks in the top 10. Advanced forecast had predicted a crest near 38. At noon yesterday the river appeared to be a bit more than 2 feet below the Island Park dike downtown. So CNN would probably declare "Flood Over" and remove their equipment from town. However, I did nott see CNN this year.
Preparations for this year were well in advance of the crest. Sandbagging opperations stopped 5 days ago so I never took the chance to volunteer since I was planning on doing that the end of last week.
Now the watchers are on duty ensuring flood protection holds.
I was out west of the Go this weekend and saw a considerable amount of overland flooding until before Oriska. This land is pretty flat and when the snows melt it just heads overland until it finds an outlet. How about that for a disaster movie- overland flood. It usually happens after tsunamis.


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