On my way to Blog Action Day

My 2nd foray into Blog Action Day is coming up. My entry for last year was tripe. Not very compelling commentary on the environment. But what can you do when you don't do the research? I guess you just make up things or as journalists might label it- spin it.
Well my apologies to those who read it. Of course, Phil won't care. He's not that type of guy as I found out earlier today.
But really, my contributions to help us become more sustainable are probably worthy to recount.
So far I've been biking to work and almost everywhere in town. It cut down on the carbon as well as saves me money. Another factor in there could be that it keeps me healthier and doesn't tax the health care system. I enjoy biking too. Does been greener have to suck?
Over the last year I have been cutting down on my plastic bag use by using a re-usable bag or recycling those darn plastic bags at the market. I wish they could extract oil from them bags to make some type of fuel.
Finally, I re-use paper. I have tons of paper from drafts of teleplays I have written and have used them extensively when I need to print something. My work allows us to bring paper from home to be recycled.
This year's Blog Action topic is poverty and I've done some reading about it. Relevant Magazine does a spotlight from time to time on people working to combat poverty. They did a short blurb about some ladies who make cards in order to support the microfiance work KIVA does. Perhaps Segue will blog about Bono's work to get lots of debt forgiven in developing regions.
Well that's about it. I do have one book recommendation and I hope it won't rain on keeping your holidays unmixed. I've been writing for an upcoming Christmas show and need more inspiration to I bought a few books at the Salvation Army thrift store (or family store as they call it.)
One that I have been impressed with is The Guideposts Christmas Treasury. It includes poems and stories concerning themes of the season like remembering and giving. I've read quite a few of the stories. Not sure if any will be incorporated in the show but it was 75 cents well spent.


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