Happy Blog Action Day!!

Today is Blog Action Day. I hope to get a few posts up about this year's issue: poverty.
The wiki entry states that about 1/2 of the world lives in that condition. The symptoms include malnutrion, lack of shelter...or in other words a laundry list of basic necessities. I think access to education also fits in there, too, as education may allow more informed decisions to be made.
Looking at the "backside" if the wiki poverty article (a.k.a. the talk page), I get the general sense that poverty is not a simple condition to alleviate by just restributing resources or managing resources better. Numerous POVs were being debated while trying to create a neutralish article.
While complex, I don't think that it is too complex a problem to do something.
So who is doing something? I'm going to give props to an organization called Rosa Loves. They have been around for only 2 years (they marked 2 years yesterday) and don't intend to be famous or rich but like what they are doing- designing and selling t-shirts and using proceeds to do good. Many of those good things are written about in the story section of their website- from an orphanage in Tanzania to a family in Bangladesh to another family in the United States whose house burnt.
What I like about them is that most of there works are based on or come about from a relationship. These micro-ventures suggest that a few people working together can make a difference- locally or internationally.
Finally I'll end this post with a quote from a Relevant Magazine interview with co-founder of Rosa Loves, Mike Fretto. Mike relates the message of Rosa Loves but it can also be a strategy to relieve poverty- "Be aware of the people in your own community who may be in need, and know your gifts and your resources so you may be able to bless them."


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