Back from holiday

I had intended this Autumn holiday at Breezy Point to be one where I could do plenty of writing. The only problem- no particular place to write in the unit. The best place to write would have been the kitchen but the loud television made that absolutely impossible. I tried to make a nightstand into a desk in the bedroom. No go. It fit the laptop but was just a bit cramped. I did research instead- reading Christmas stories from the Guidepost book I referred to a few entries before. In the past I have written quite a bit at Breezy Point. But blockage kept me from the task. I wonder if Sinclair Lewis experienced any writing blockage the summer he spent at Breezy Point? Apparently we was able to write Elmer Gantry during his stay:
Sinclair Lewis during the early Breezy era, rented a cabin on Pelican one summer and wrote his novel Elmer Gantry. His book would become a movie and take its place among the finest of American literary achievements. One family member close to the Lewis-era in the lakes country says that the famous author would party at Breezy and on occasion bring the party home to his rented cabin. When Lewis had enough of the action he reportedly shot off a pistol letting the party animals know it was time to pack it in. It would seem not only was Lewis a prolific writer but an efficient party host as well! (from the Breezy Pointer, June 2006)
I only came up with a few notes, no parties, and no smoking pistols. I did try to play golf. That's a story in itself. I came to realize that when I play golf, it's not about strokes, its about not losing the balls. I lost 5.
Also on the downside, I returned home ill. Yep. Must of been the weather or that bike ride my father and I took. Its pretty bad. Seems like a flu or something.


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