Pille strikes again

Former bandmate and RD, Keith Pille, made news on MPR about a month ago. His Nowhere Band web comic has been creeping through the velvety undergrounds of Twin Towns. I think I mentioned it a while back. Pretty funny.
Anyways MPR caught hold of him and did a segment about a month ago. You can see/hear it here.
In the interview Keith gives away why his former band Red Hay broke up plus you get 2 current pictures- mind you they are rare. Keith is pretty camera shy. The only photos I got of him make him out to be a R.E.M.'s Mike Mills in the Monster era. While we are on R.E.M., they just put out another album recently- ACCELERATE arrived on the scene like 2 weeks ago. It was weird because I read about it in the Financial Times. Stipe looks old yet agile. I digress.
Nowhere band has yet to incorporate any incidents of Keith's experience with Mr. Willie or Studly Party Tonight. Both bands were assembled just for a band contest at college. Studly Party Tonight was a very hasty band. I think we only practiced once or twice before we did the show.
Read Nowhere Band.


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