Making creative environments

I'm writing from the city of EP. I am here for a conference of sorts about creativity. I am lodging at the Hyatt Place, a posh place which I will upload pictures. I got a night as a steal on Thanks, Captain Kirk. The hotel also happens to be perched above my former collaborator's, Kevin Myer, workplace, KMSP. He's the creative force behind the Emmy winning Intramural Glory web mockumentary.
And this brings us back to the creativity conference. No, I'm not hawking Intramural Glory DVDs. I'm here to gain understanding on how to create environments which nurture creativity and art.
Here's two freebies of insight from Ron King, who I might add looks a bit like Rob Bell but doesn't have Nooma videos nor played in an Indy band.
  1. Don't be afraid to let others run ahead of you. You may feel threatened but ultimately it will be beneficial to cultivating uninhibited expression. Plus you don't want offense getting in the way .
  2. No fear of failure. Take risks will be valuable to quest to making creatives feel comfortable in creating. Don't get hung up on order.


Kevin said…
Uh... next time you're across the street...
Call me.

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