Unusual Star Wars foods

This is not about the foods we encounter in the Star Wars universe. Instead it is about Star Wars encountering food in our universe.
Hunting and gathering Star Wars material has been relatively easy these days. Since Disney swooped up the Lucas empire, Star Wars is even more embedded into American culture. I surmise Lucas did not intend to craft a story in which has a Darth Vader like force hold on the public. Turn to left or the right and some Star Wars tie in has been created. And it is now even reaching into the food we consume. Chez Its had it and now Campbell's does too. It would appear that the Empire/First Order folks have found a niche in the food market.

Soup is Star Wars food

Back in the day- the pre-re-release era - Star Wars kept to toys, T-shirts, books and trading cards.
But there was 1 anomaly- C3POs, the cereal.
I recall it murkily. We rarely had cold cereals. My childhood breakfasts included mostly Malt-O-Meal hot cereal or CoCo Wheats. But they were often eaten in an Empire Strikes Back bowl.

Probably one of the more collectible items which were not food but closely connected were the Burger King glasses. All of the original 3 films had a BK set. In later years these glasses have been scrutinized for their high levels of lead in the paint used for the graphics.

As is typical with most food tie-ins to movies, the food is considered unhealthy and targeted at youth. It is a rare thing to see movie marketing geared at eating vegetables or whole grain bread or fruit. In fact it probably does not exist because Hollywood deems those things unhealthy to their profits. But now I am getting into philosophical ideas that feed the dogs. But for the ardent fan Star Wars is sure to come to a table near you.


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