GearCamp: The Wool Shirt

Pendleton Wool Shirt
The wool shirt has been with us for a while. Wool for even longer. Back in 1924 Pendleton decided that a little more color in a woolen shirt would sell more shirts. They were right. And today they are still making the same shirts.
Woolens for as sportswear have been out of style for quite a while based on my unscientific research. They are making a comeback. I think hipsters may have increased the popularity of this type of shirt in recent years especially since Portland is in proximity to the Pendleton mill.
I had a few wool shirts growing up. I believe I wore one of them in a yearbook picture my sophomore year in high school. It was a Navy surplus shirt.  I think I borrowed the another one from my father. By college I had rid my wardrobe of these shirts, mostly because they were often scratchy and were dry clean only.
I think the woolen shirt fell out of favor due to the increased availability of tech fabrics like micro-fleece. Nevertheless, The Beach Boys probably still wear wool. I began to re-acquaint myself with the miracle fabric of wool 5 years ago mostly because I noticed it languishing in the 2nd hand market for a few bucks. After buying one I was hooked.
Pendleton woolens are durable and to uniquely breathable. Also, they make great shirt jackets because wool is an excellent outer-layer. On a cool fall day out in the forest I like to wear a Pendleton with a puffy down vest. Makes a great combo.    


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