09 May 2015

Train Day 2015 Extra: William Crooks

The  Northern Trackers have a great spot in Crosslake, MN that features 3 scales of model trains in addition to a 1/2" scale model of the the William Crooks, Minnesota's first locomotive. I try to visit whenever I am passing through the area. The Crooks model sits outside their building near a G scale layout. Inside there is an expansive HO layout that models the railroad activity of the northern Minnesota from the early 1900s. Above there is a G scale loop. In another room there is an O-scale 3 rail layout with some interactive accessories.
The real William Crooks locomotive sits in the Lake Superior Railroad Museum. It formally had been on display at the St. Paul Union Depot but since 1972 has been in the Duluth museum beside another venerable engine, The Minnetonka.
An excellent article on the Saga of the William Crooks.
As for the person, William Crooks- he was the chief engineer for the railroad which the locomotive belonged- St Paul and Pacific. He was a Colonel in the 6th Minnesota Regiment during the Civil War. The city of Crookston, MN was named for him. He died in 1907 and was buried in St. Paul, MN.

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