02 April 2013

The transitional spring

How easily we forget the tentacles of winter in this region. Last year's early spring put a spell on us. Made us think that we're not that cold.We're pleasant once February rolls past.
Not this year. The snow is still on the ground as April arrived. Its disappearing act has been hampered by the cooler temps that haunt our nights. It is that transitional season without a name. Sun, ice, and breeze.
For us ice bikers it is also the season of re-freeze. In the morn, vast sheets of ice on our paths. In the evening, a malignant transitory lake to throttle through. I have 2 of them on my route.
ice culprit
The one above knock me off my ride. It was a slippery one with no way to practically avoid it. I tried the side and it got me good.
I had changed my ride for the week. The old winter bike is not in good shape. It's pedal crank arm is falling off again. The rear gears are not working because the derailleur wire is broken. I gerryrigged it into a single speed and that worked for a while. But recently the rear derailleur arm likes to come up and get caught on the chainstay. Can't bike with the being a possibility.
So I set up the transitional secondary bike for this season, an old Raleigh Mountain bike I found in the garbage at my former apartment. It is a really great bike but I cannot ride upright enough on to make it my main ride. But it is lightweight. I left the studded tire on the Trek winter bike- but perhaps should habe swapped it out with the Raleigh. I might not have wiped out so bad.

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