Dangers of Twin City bike commuting and the M200

Raleigh M-200
I've a little bike commuting in the Twin Cities. The vast metro area has plenty of bike lanes and routes connecting the inner core. Not so much the on the outer ring suburbs. Sure you can get around them but trying to go from one municipality to another is a trying activity because the way the highways cut everything up. However from the West and SouthWest burbs one might connect with the Cedar Lake Trail into downtown Minneapolis. Nothing that vast exists on the Eastside of the Twin Cities except perhaps the Gateway Trail and a route along Pt Douglas to Battle Creek that then follows the river.
But this post is not about routes. It is about danger and specifically this article from the Star Tribune: Bicyclist survives Molotov cocktail on Minneapolis’ Midtown Greenway.
The guy was biking through the Greenway in Minneapolis during the day and faced certain explosiveness from a bomb! Crazy! He goes on to say he has encountered other "missiles" as well. I never though that a commute in the Cities would require armour plating. I thought angry, annoyed, distracted drivers were the only threats. Apparently a group of "stealthy" bicyclist agitators has arisen in the TCs.
On other bike topices, pictured above is my transitional ride, the Raleigh M200. I found this late model mountain bike besides a dumpster one day. Nobody was taking it so I  just brought it to the garage and made some modifications and additions. It is a pretty quick bike due to its aluminum frame. It shares some similarites with the M40 that was my primary bike in the early 2000s. The M200 did not get much use but now it is getting some love.


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