The disdain of winter biking

This is one of those things I don't look forward to in the winter.
Snow banks.
For the ice biker this means one thing- portage.
My workplace is hemmed in by snowbanks which requires me to carry my bike from the closest access- in this case a sidewalk- across the parking lot and them up on a mount of snow lock up the bike. The irritating thing is the public sidewalk that leads to the sidewalk over the freeway- has not r weeks. If it was then my portaging would be lessened.

Another note the sidewalk thing, In winter the roads lose about 3 feet of width on both sides. Sure I can ride in the road but my reasons are for sanity-sake- what good does a biker do when you are in essence creating a bottleneck since there is limited room for cars to pass. It does little to bring goodwill to icebikers. I just avoid the busiest streets in winter. But this sidewalk/street debate will rage on.

I have been thinking about those Surly pugsley bikes that are catching on for winter biking. Really fat tires Probably very stable. But that also means really big rims. So I suspect they are bit tough to start pedaling. If the region was noted for just  a bit of snow I'd say the are ideal. But because of the snow banks-man those ride will be hard to pedal.   


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