Stormy Weather

So many great gobs of snow fell last week- they closed highways and schools and work and even my neighborhood BBQ succumbed to the flurries. We knew it was coming. In fact I did some pre-shoveling to keep up with all the snow that piled up. Our driveway was clear but the street we lived on was full of about 2 feet of unplowed snow. Unless we had some kind of truck we could not get out. The plows came in the afternoon.
However, I walked to work that day. It was a streneous trek through snowclad streets and sidewalks. What I needed was snowshoes.
Typically it takes the city about 4 days to fully pull itself out of the snow. The sidewalks near work were cleared 3 days later. But I still biked most of week. But I disdain having to get off my bike and walk it across the 94 bridge through 3 foot snowdrifts. All my time in Fargo this bridge's walkway is usually never cleared until the 3rd or 4th day after the storm. It is a vital link to North/South ped traffic. Again, I should get a pair of snow shoes.

tunnel from Echo Base
Then this week the wind picked up, churning a blizzard and then it threw us back into the icebox. My normal thought is that after mid-Feburary winter calms down and we get some more pleasant temps. But not this year. This year I needed to travel through the Hoth tunnel to get to work with nary a tauntaun to help.


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