The RedHawks game

On July 10th I went to my first RedHawks game of the season. Boxscore here.
Foul ball I caught at the RedHawks game July 10th

The 'hawks were down by 5. The Kansas City T-Bones had mastery over the RedHawks bats. Inning after inning the home team failed to turn on the offense. Fortunately the RedHawks defense kept the game from getting totally out of hand. Plus the pitching improved.

In the bottom of the 5th with 2 outs Ryan Stovall came up to the plate. The first pitch he hit a foul over the the home plate stands. It hit the press box and rocketed down towards my seat and 2 women sitting next to me. In a moment of odd courage I put out my barehand and caught that ball. I had never done that before- catch a foul. The women and my MFW were grateful. The next pitch Stovall eeked out the first hit of the game for the RedHawks. But the RedHawks do not take advantage as Carlo Cota flies out.

It was not until the 8th inning until the RedHawks put some runs on the board- 3 in the 8th and 2 in the 9th to tie up the game and send it into extra innings. We were in for a spectacular finish if the RedHawks kept up the rally.

Top of the 10th. The T-Bones crack a triple with 2 outs. RedHawks change pitchers. And then mow down the next batter with a strike out. Whew. Close one.

Bottom of the 10th. 1st batter is walked. But over the course of the next 2 batters advances to 3rd and in scoring position with 2 outs and vetran 2nd baseman Carlo Cota at the plate. He is down in the count with 2 foul balls. The next pitch he swings- a strikeout.

No, but wait- the catcher drops the ball. Carlo runs to first. The T-Bones catcher throw to the 1st baseman but the throw is a bit wide. Carlo is safe and the winning run crosses the plate.
RedHawks win. Players swarm Carlo.

And I cannot believe what happened. This slightly unusual play seals the victory- and is the 8th consecutive win by the RedHawks.

And you know that has some similarty to the story of Jesus. He certainly appeared to have lost- his followers were scattered, he was crucified and died. But up from the grave he arose- sealing the victory over sin and death, creating the opportunity for you and me to become sons and daughters of God, and so much more. See the Roman Road page on this blog for more information about beginning a relationship with Jesus.


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