Hey dude, where is my ugly online ads?!

The ad agencies are still churning out head turners online in 2012. Let's look at few recent releases to the nets that will make you gasp or ponder "is this a little weird for advertising a mortgage?"

Well, it looks like the market is really booming for unkept facial hair. The bearded guy here has a twinge of friendly creep vibe. This could be Brad Pitt in a few years if he kept his crazy beard going. But wait! We could be getting ripped off because we don't do the ridiculously easy trick! I have wondered how long they can keep using that line. They are selling just about everything by referring to this one trick which solves all our health, mortgage, and insurance problems.

In our next ad we have a fine moustache a la Sam Elliott. This is another one of those changing image to pencil illustration ones so it gets kind of creepy. And of note, the Government is actually providing some relief to homeowners- in the form of a settlement with "Big Banks" concerning abusive practises and mishandling loan modifications requests. Something like $25 Billion what is being parlayed so I'd avoid the mustachioed man. He could be crooked contracter for all we know. Or a cowboy.

Old men rejoice! There is a country for you! Purchased with the checks from all these online ads you are providing your aged visage. You'd think in this day we would not fall for the ridicululously easy trick again and again. But we do and they make for ads using that shill and an image of an old guy.

I am beginning to wonder how ethical are these ad producers. I am imagining them sponsoring a photo shoot at nursing homes and using the most unusual photos they take. The fellow below gives off the grumpy old coot impression perfectly. Put the big glasses on him and we have the making for the live action versions of Disney's Up.   

Finally, we've seen this guy before but not displaying his 3rd and 4th eyes. Egads! How is this selling life insurance? Are we assuming the internets are being perused by Star Trek-like beings who have all these earth people desires or needs?


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