26 August 2011

Ugly Online Ads in paradise

Now another installment of my look at ugly online ads that are on the 'nets. Now that campaign season is underway anything that attractions the disgruntled citizen is sure to be fair game. And official Obama ads are cropping up right next to the ugly ones. Albeit the real Obama ads are fairly clean cut stuff usually tempting the viewer by asking them to "join the team" or "Obama needs your help." For some reason the opposing candidates don't get into that stuff. Perhaps if Tim Pawlenty begged for help in an online ad he would not have returned home sad and morose.
Well, here is an interesting riff on one we saw not too long ago. It is the super hero first lady but not she has become even more super by having a rotating light on her noggin. It must have been the illustrator's day off at the ad agency. Joe decided he knew how to make another ad by using his photoshop skills.
Viola! Emergency Super First Lady. And all it required was a few clicks. 

 Not more home loans! I thought home ownership was in the tank. Not in California where there are magic beans which allow you to grow money on vines and make a delicious shiraz.
Not sure what this ad is suggesting about the citizens of California- are they usually in a drug induced stupor when thinking about paying off their homes. Bonus- it is an old guy. And a new model. I have not seen this fellow before.

 Poor kid. He must have been terrified that his visage would be published like this on the Internet. Is he remorseful? Is this even a mug shot?
Well, I can find the criminal record online. But wait- it costs money and I sure am  not going be throwing that kind of ching out the window looking for this dude whose only crime may have been jaywalking. Crying won't change the crime, boy!
Fact: you can find more interesting mug shots online without taking out your wallet.
Finally the cure the skin doctor was afraid to tell you about.
Is it really about becoming an egg sucker? How in the world does that affect your skin? Maybe it is more protein or something.
I wonder if its a duck egg?
Quackery just keeps shilling these adds to us.

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