Not another Ugly Online Ads post

An now another exciting installment of Ugly Online Ads. In our last post we were seeing the Obamavertment making a comeback and the old also getting more ads. Well we got a little more of that and then some.
Our first is a scary looking lady. I think this was used to sell a miracle wrinkle cream or perhaps a sleep reducing program. I think it may do better as an advertisement for a Star Trek convention. The make-up job on this lady reminds me of some alien that Captain Kirk romanced.

Next we got an old guy and an ad invoking the powers of the chief executive of the United States. The thing about this ad that I can't capture for this blog is when you hover over it the old guy begins to turn into a line drawn version. Makes it rather eery and odd further creating the disconnection to the object of the advertisement but drawing us to the ad because of its sheer weirdness.

Our final ad a friend brought to my attention last week. It was on Yahoo for a day or so and I haven't seen it since. Ugly- yeah. Creative-definitely. So here is the premise for this ad- a mostly naked running out of shape bespectacled guy (wearing what look like the iconic New Balance 990 series) with his privates tactfully covered by ad copy. The guy looks a bit like the Jared from Subway fame or some guy from Freaks and Geeks. It catches your attention because as you load your page the running guy streaks through the page. Clicking on "Follow this Guy" takes you on a pseudo journey of the guy running through some fake web pages and grabbing some of the items on the pages until he gets to the actually ad sponsored website home page. It is actually kind of a hoot.  


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