The ugly ads always ring twice

 Nothing like a little make-up and some photoshop to uglify yourself into an online ad. I doubt the woman in the picture ever looked this way when she could not sleep through the night. The photo itself might make you not sleep through the night but I think that is a little exaggeration. The stare get us to look closer and pay attention so it is debatable whether this indeed could count an UOA (ugly online ad.)
Next is a much more distiburbing image. The Hulk was finally cured but kept all his bulk.
Getting buff ads have been popular since the old pulp fiction days. Looks like they are trying to break into the online world in a bulky way. This speciment of a man only confounds me. What on earth could  you do with all that muscal matter. I mean this guy needs something like a XXXL shirt. Anything else will burst at the seams. He certainly could pass as a super hero. Maybe an X-Man hanger on.
"But Dr. Xavier I'm not like all the like the other normal people, I have all this muscle."
"Come back when you have a real mutation, next."
The X-Men even think he's a freak.


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