Nearly was cheated 3 times and post radio show thoughts

Went shopping today but I was amazed at how many times I could have been taken had I not piped up and said something. 3 time!
Actually the 1st time I let it slip. The clerk caught the markdown on one item but not on the other.
Next at the hardware store I often frequent, I was nearly charged from 4 feet of an item instead of the 3 which was on the order slip. I caught that one. I am not sure why the clerk input 4 when it clearly said 3 on the slip.
The last time was at one the big box home improvement stores. It was sort of was my fault- I decided to pick up a live Christmas wreath because they were free now. I put it on the belt and the clerk rang it up. I interjected that it was supposed to be free. He mentioned the sign near one entrance and assumed it was for live items at that door. Finally another clerk had to step in and verify that indeed all live wreaths were now free.
Hurrah! Now my balcony is just a little more festive.
I found it odd that this retailer (rhymes with jacquard) still had a bunch of holiday stuff. At 50% since the Eve, not much was moving. I did a little shopping before Christmas at this store and got some gifts for my MFG's brother and father but was not enticed to buy much more.

Onto to other topics- like the Christmas radio show.
It seems to be the most unpublicized shows we've had- meaning that after the show I have seen virtually nothing about it in either photos or a recording (there is a recording someplace.) I did see on FB a few short videos from the show. I am sad to say I forgot my camera that evening so I have no record.
The show went well. I would say this probably ranks as the most organized and planned show we've done. There was no last moment rush to rehearse or get the set built or the lights hung.
As I usually think in retrospect, the show could have been better but what we did was good enough. And that's not a cop out. We do what we can with what we are given.
I lead the band this year and had a few parts in sketches. If I can ever locate a recording, I'll get it linked here.

The guy at the left is the MFE, although that's not really what he is anymore but I am not about to discuss his job title. He also has a radio show like ours. He leads the band, too. However he arranges music as well and I don't touch that. In fact his show is actually on radio, public radio. I am planning on going to a recording of the show, Dakota Air, next weekend. The show is suppose to be something like Prairie Home Companion but we'll see it comes closes.
And GK will be coming to Morris in February but unfortunately I will not be there. I have other plans.
The last time I saw GK it lead up to be being ill over Labor Day weekend.


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