ugly online adverts vs ripped adverts

The economy takes a bumpy course and Republicans gain big in the election, however the ugly online ad is not going away. It disappears for a while but comes back full force to get you with the just plain odd images of people. Some of the ones I've reviewed before are making encore performances. The "One Simple Rule" ad and ads summoning men to get "ripped" have also been racking up clicks and impressions. Most of the Net's ads are beginning look like they were pulled from the back of a comic book.
But now the ads. First we have another very beardy man. So beardy it seems unreal. In fact with the sunglasses this guy looks like a wax figuire somebody decked out. I've seen a few guys like this in real life. I am not sure what inspires them to keep the look of an aging hippy or Methuselah. And then throw in a Hawaiian lei. Now we're treading on Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. One word can probably describe this- creepy.
Oh and this one has an animated pen for no apparent reason.
Now let's get ripped. Our first example must reveal the secret of how Al Roker and Billy Blanks are the same guy.
My guess the secret is a bunch of gut crunching exercises and lifting some weights and then taking some protein whey suppliment. Then you eat nothing but leafy green foods.
I have yet to meet anybody who has done this who had not already been ripped.

Finally the most sculpted guy with sea gull tattoos on the 'net. I'd guess this guy was a little weirded out when the the photographer told him to put his hands in the places you would not when in public. Fortunately the image is faded in those parts so it is left to the imagination- but are those really his hands and what on earth did he drop? It is an unusual pose to show off one's rippedness. It's more like- "Hmm let me check if my waist band is working because I'm not sure." Or perhaps even- "I wonder if it is still there. Yep. Good. Had me going there for a second."


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