The retribution of ugly online ads

 The uglies keep on coming. I think the ad people have discovered that if you put something outlandish on any ad, related or not, somebody is likely to click through and ching that cash in the pocket. But of course this could backfire and unknowing create a negative brand identity. Still more the ugly ones really hide for whom they are working. And a lot of them are for this cut rate mortgages.
Well, what do we got today- a safe cracker older brother of Hulk Hogan. His problem is that he's always tear off his shirt before he's open the safe. It made the police's investigation pretty easy. Just look around town for the man without a shirt that looks like Hulk Hogan's older brother. Case closed.

The next one is genuinely ridiculous. A caveman? It seems to be an outtake from a photo shoot for a caveman costume. He drank 2 large glasses of the orange juice on the hospitality spread outside the studio while the photographer shot the couple with the matching cheese costumes - Jarlsberg and Munster. The man portraying the caveman is called in but has a suddenly bout of incontinence. The rest is history.
Finally, let's look at one you've probably seen all over the Nets in last 6 months: 1 simple tip.
In this example we have an ad attempting to lure us in to some weight loss re-discovery that is weird. Yes, a weird old tip will get your belly tiny! In fact the tip might be: eat less.
I am not going to look into the claim as much as what in the world in that an illustration of? Is it a cross section of a bone? I think they are trying to portray a big belly and a tiny belly. Failed.


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