14 September 2010

Journey to the Center of North America: Part 3

The heat did not dissipate after leaving Hoople. Fortunately, I found a water spigot in Tatertown to refill my reservoir.
The 18 miles of long straight road into Cavalier was generally uneventful. It was mostly fields of potatoes and an occasional farm house and barn. The Man of 3 Names and I arrived in Cavalier pretty exhausted. 3 Names sat a spell in a gazebo on the edge of downtown while I sought out a grocery store. I couldn't find it and it may also be closed. Unfortunately, I have found small town North Dakota generally closes up around 5 or 6 with the exception of bars and maybe a convenience store. We found nourishment at a convenience store. I supplemented my 20 oz Mountain Dew Voltage with a burger from the nearby Pit Stop Diner. The Pit Stop appeared to be a locally owned eatery featuring burgers, dogs, fries, and ice cream that operated out of a property that may have been a Dairy Queen in the past. After a long day of biking anything tastes good and I gobbled down the burger.
The song for Cavalier- Duke of Earl by the O'Jays.
Re-energized, we biked out of town towards our final destination for the day- Walhalla, 23 miles North and West. Heat disappeared as we pedaled north. The traffic was fairly light on Pembina County Road 1. Further along we encountered our first hills of the trip.
As the 9 o' clock hour approached we got to the Walhalla turn where it was literally all downhill from there. The song for Walhalla- Ride of the Valkyries
by Richard Wagner.
A light rain welcomed us as we descended into town at speeds nearing 30 mph. The town was jumping and jiving at a street dance while random fireworks were exploding throughout the neighborhoods. We found our way to the city campground (Riverside Park), paid our fees, found a piece of ground and set up camp along the banks of the Pembina River as the sun set. After showering, I went to bed even though the street dance band played until 1 in the morning, which I could hear clearly. They played a pretty good selection. Still I was exhausted enough and fell asleep despite the music, exploding fireworks and four wheelers riding around the campgrounds.

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