Signs of Beer 3

This one's a hard one primarily because it is known in the US today as something else.
Thomas Carling began homebrewing in 1818 in London, Ontario, Canada. In 1840 he built a brewery. In 1898 a Cleveland brewery purchases the rights to brew the Carling lager. Black Label beer slowly gets nationwide distribution. "Hey Mabel! Black Label." was a popular marketing slogan during one period.
Eventually through numerous ownership changes this brand of beer is just known as Carling. What I didn't know was that this lager originated in Canada and not England. This brand is all over in Britain. They are shirt sponsors for the Old Firm- football teams Glasgow Celtic and Rangers. It seems as if this label's Canadian influence has been forgotten. Molson Coors owns the label (now called Carling) but they seem to market it as an import from England. Phil probably dislikes this kind of pretenion from a beer.
Our sign, however, comes from the Heileman ownership days when it was just Black Label and marketing reflected its Canadian heritage.
For further reading: history of Black Label in USA


Hmm, Canadian beer exported from Britain. That's almost like Japanese cars from Alabama.

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