Cable TV, running and golf

It's a mid-fall break for me and once again I am up at Breezy Point- Captain Billy's north woods play land. Actually it's been quite a few years since the place has been known as such. Captain Billy was a publishing magnate as far as I can tell. One of his publishing holdings originated Captain Marvel and published the magazine Woman's Day in addition printing paperback novels. Today Fawcett is nearly forgotten except for the affections of history buffs and collectors. I own one Fawcett comic based on the TV show Emergency! I think the comic arm was eventually sold to DC.
Enough with the past and on with the present.
The last few times I've been at Breezy, I played golf. This week was no different. Weather improved dramatically on the weekend and my father and I hit the links twice. And on this occasion I had my own set of clubs. These clubs were obtained through my various thrift store shopping escapades. It is an incomplete set but has enough to get by. I played well on Saturday but stuttered through 18 on Sunday. I have come to realize golf is not only about problem solving (finding a lost ball or which club to use) but also finesse. You really want to chop at the ball but the best shots I got were when I relaxed and let the club do most of the work.
Being up at Breezy also means I get to check up on cable TV. The offerings were not that exciting although I did get to watch 2 English Premier League Matches and Born Survivor. The rest of the time I think I just surfed, stopping on the Discovery or History or Food channels.
Finally I did some running while at Breezy Point. Today I ran in the evening. Unlike in town, running in the evening is a more difficult out here. For one, there is not much outdoor lighting even though there are tons of buildings. I put on a headlamp and started a route around the perimeter of one of the golf courses. Not good. Even with the light I could hardly see. I turned around and instead headed toward the main resort buildings which were a little further away but had a few reference lights for me to follow.
Also on this vacation, I have intended to revise a script for a Christmas show. It is more difficult that I anticipated. In the older script the characters were not very well developed. So I am fleshing out some of the back story on them. Hopefully I'll be done with a first draft tomorrow.
See you in the future.


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