300: Defeating Norcross on 9

This is the continuing saga of a 300 mile bike journey from my front door and back, through 3 states, during the July 4th holiday.

Independence Day literally came in like a bang as earlier in the morning some hoodlums decided to light some big fireworks next to my campsite. I detailed this incident in the previous post but bring it up as a segue out of Abercrombie and take another dig at those delinquent juveniles. The thing is so weird because its like the brightest part of town with 2 security lights on all evening. I digress.
I am back on the road by 10AM, cross the Red River into Minnesota, get on US 75 and arrive in Breckenridge and Wahpeton around noon. I stop for a photo op at the headwaters of the Red and then go seek out lunch.
I decided to dine at Taco Bell where I ordered at huge box meal. It was filling and I also got some more Pepsi Stuff Points. I've been slowing accumulating the points by finding empty bottles with caps back in the Go. Since I began the trip I have added more to my collection much quicker as it seems the roadways are littered with empty bottles. I have found, however, that Mountain Dew must be the preferred beverage of the road because I see more Dew bottles in the ditches than any other soda.
After an hour I am back on 75 until it splits and then I follow MN 9. I have taken this road once before but failed to ride it out to my destination- Morris. That time I bonked, lost energy and hit the wall in Norcross. I didn't want to let that happen again. I needed to get to Morris to go a shindig in Hancock to watch fireworks.
At the 75 split it was 50 miles to Morris and the weather was superb. I stopped shortly in Tintah and was pleased to see they had a beverage machine. I purchased a cool water and was on my way. This area is rather flat and the grain elevators of the next town gave me some kind of short term goal.
It was nearing 5PM when I saw Norcross in the distance. I made it into town and re-loaded my Camelbak at the wayside rest. Finally, I made it out of Norcross and towards Herman and then Donnelly. The winds decided to go against me as I pressed to complete the last 9 miles to Morris. The mile markers scoffed as I kept at it.
Around 7:30 PM I entered Morris, stopped at Coborn's for fuel- namely an Amp and some peanuts. I then swung my my friends' home, took a bath and called for a "taxi" to take me to the Fourth of July Bash.
I celebrated the Fourth with a dozen or more children watching fireworks rather than having fireworks thrown at me. I am relieved. I also met a rock star but that's another post altogether. Additionally I would like to honor the incredible fruit flag dessert thing I ate. It was delicious.


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