300: the beginning

No, this is not an attempt to review or critque the movie (or graphic novel for that matter) of a battle between Spartans and Persians although this could certainly be considered an epic.
I completed a 300 mile bike tour of 3 states over the Independence Day holiday. The details I will divulge here in a few parts and possibly some pictures.
It all began on the 3rd around 8PM after 2 hours of packing and preparing the bicycle. I had intended to leave directly from work but that did not happen. I had not pre-packed enough and I needed to exchange a rear view mirror. Daylight would soon be waning and so I started the trek south, stopped at A&W for a bite to take away then continued spinning south out of town.
It was unseasonably cool yet comfortable and clear (and hardly any wind). Nearing 10 PM night descended calmly and I flicked on my lights. I was making good time despite the late start. I made a pit stop near the Christine graveyard to eat my Papa Burger and drink a St. Pauli Girl Dark(the only beer I had on the entire trip). The mosquitoes were thick as I expected outside the reach of vector control. The bugs wouldn't harm me once I got moving again.
I arrived at my destination, Fort Abercrombie, near 11PM. There was perpetual light due to a light at the river landing parking area. I made camp and went to bed only to be awoken somwhere about 2AM or 3AM by some hoodlums setting off a huge firework in the vicinity of my tent. I was not too happy but was in no manner to confront the multiple youths. They just disturbed me with their delinquency which could be forgiven but it didn't make me feel safe.


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