Fargo Marathon 2017: The (not so) Bad

The old watching corner now devoid of activity
Nothing but praises for the 2017 edition of Fargo Marathon. There are two items which could be taken as indirectly bad. Once is rather subjective.
First, our old marathon viewing area on the corner of 9th St and 8th Ave now fully devoid of spectators. In years past half the block was out on near the curbs watching and cheering. I guess that is what happens as the neighborhood changes.
Second, a few blocks north of the spot above a robbery took place in the hours prior to the start of the marathon. High end audio equipment was pilfered from the yard in the early morning of May 20th. The owner traditionally has piped out tunes to runners since the inaugural marathon year. This perhaps the first crime with some relationship to the marathon. I suppose most may ask why the owner had the equipment in his yard overnight. Not sure, but he does has video surveillance. I think the culprits may be on the lam for a while lest their mugs be seen by the citizenry of the town. These pillagers must have some knowledge of what the owner does so I suspect they live within the vicinity and are only hacks. Nothing like Oceans 11. I doubt they are going to be able to unload the goods locally as the items are certainly a rarity in our parts.
You know there could be decent heist movie made centered around a marathon. Hmm.
No wait. Monk already did that in a way- Mr Monk and the Marathon Man. It was a murder instead but did involve a marathon. 


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