01 June 2016

Fargo Marathon 2016: A gubernatorial race for ND

North Dakota will be electing a new governor in November and some politicking was going on at the Fargo Marathon this May. It is not all that common for candidates to use an event to elevate their exposure to the electorate. Or just to have a good time. Right now there is a race concerning who will be the Republican candidate.  Both big candidates in this race, Doug Burgum and Wayne Stenehjem, had a presence at the marathon. Presumptive Democratic candidate, Marv Nelson, has been quiet. But he has no challengers inside his party.  
The Burgum for Governor organization took the big step to host an aid station on the marathon route. I think it was the one pictured below with the super hero spectators.
The Burgum Aid Station
Burgum is a big name around Fargo although he has been behind the scenes for while after leaving Microsoft and making the foray into real estate development. So jumping out of the boardroom to the streets, Burgum made the additional effort to run in 2 events:  5K and 10K. However, it appears candidate Burgum strolled through both based on his results. You can see his photos in the previous link.

I speculate candidate Stenehjem was elsewhere during the marathon. His election organization did have a somewhat un-official aid station a few blocks from the Burgum one. He could have been there handing out water or a sport beverage- but I did not see him. Stenehjem has been in the public eye for a while since he is the Attorney General and has been in public service since the 90s.

Stenehjem pop up aid station

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